To participate in this mission trip it is expected that you are physically fit for walking and physical activity.

You must have your passport and digital copy on your computer to attach to the form. And a credit or debit card that is eligible for online payment of $5.00 for the nonrefundable online registration fee.

After registration wait for an interview call. If accepted you will receive the reply by email with the attached TRAVEL MANUAL with more information about the trip, payment methods, how to prepare, visa and etc. You will have until March 20 to make a deposit of 50% of your trip (non-refundable amount) and until May 20 to finalize the payment for your mission trip the other 50% is refundable in case of withdrawal.

NOTE: Please do not purchase the ticket until you have made the 50% deposit or final payment for your trip.

Jordan🇯🇴 (Middle East)
Focus: Ministry with Refugees, Humanitarian Aid, Training, Ministry with Children, Ministry of Visitation
- July 17th to 27th
[Total amount * U$ 950.00 - including food, lodging, ground transportation]

Mozambique 🇲🇿 (Africa)
Focus: Education, evangelism, building, ministry with children.
- 1st to 10th August -
[* U$ 900.00 - including food, lodging, ground transportation]

* Amount in US dollar.

* What is not included in the above values:

* Airfare
* Visa
* Travel insurance

Children up to 10 years have a 50% discount.

If you have any questions, just email us at or call + 1 (201) 985 5200 [Whatsapp].


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